Holidays in Slovenia

Splish Splash Nom Nom: Going for Gold!

It's your holiday and you want to get the most out of it - adrenalin sports in the astonishing Soča Valley, getting outside some world-class cuisine, imbibing some of Europe's most exciting wines... and oh my... the scenery...

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Soča ValleyNebesa means 'Heaven' in Slovene, and was the name of the old ruined ski lodge Bojan and Katja Roš (pron. Boyan / Katia Rosh) found one day on a walking trip. They bought it, hired the best new architect in Slovenia and turned Heaven into a paradise. Bojan and Katja are fantastic hosts - always ready to chat, help... or leave you entirely alone.

The first thing you'll notice is the almost mystical peace, which isn't surprising, given that you'll be 900m above the rest of humanity. There are just four chalets - each sleeping only two people - angled just so that you feel entirely alone. The entire front wall is glass, so that you have a completely unrestricted view across the Soča Valley. Even if it's not a clear day, gazing at the mountains above the clouds can be mesmerising.



In Kobarid you'll eat in a traditional gostilna called Breza. However, it's not traditional in the sense that you'll be stuffed full of animal fats and carbs, as the chef uses local ingredients and recipes to bring traditional dishes gracefully into the 21st century. A fine introduction to the tastes of western Slovenia.



Take one of the greatest trips ever - on a Zipline over the mind-zapping scenery of the Učja canyon in the Soča Valley. There are six lines, between 250 and 400 metres long... and up to 150 metres above some of the most dazzling scenery in Europe.

You'll also be getting wet of course - choose from kayaking, white water rafting, canyoning or hydrospeed.

Topli Val


Who'd have thought? The very best fish restaurant in the country is in the Alps. Topli Val (Heat Wave) has been cooking the contents of the Adriatic for well over twenty years. Of course, those of you who prefer your protein to have had legs will also be delighted by the traditional local fare (and even vegetarians will find much to salivate over - although vegans should really stay on the Planet Vega)... but it's the fish that is the star of the show.

Flippy-flappy fishes, cephalopods, crustacians and molluscs are delivered fresh every day from the Adriatic (plus local trout, natch) to be perfectly baked, sauteed, steamed and carpaccio'ed into delightful dishes that will have you swooning with yumminess.

Hiša Franko


Luckily for you, down in the valley Bojan and Katja's daughter Ana and her partner Valter own a certain restaurant.

Some years back, when they took on Hiša Franko, Ana couldn't cook and Valter liked a glass of wine. How things have changed: just a soupcon of passion and a ton of dedication and voila - possibly Slovenia's greatest restaurant.

All produce is organic and grown locally, and the water spills from the spring beside the house. The cooking can best be described as Modern Slovene - taking traditional recipes and refining them into something new, extremely tasty and just different enough to be interesting, but never a challenge.

La Subida


Goriška BrdaPresided over by the charming Joško Sirk, La Subida is like a distillation of Italian culture: the extended Sirk family runs the sprawlingly beautiful accommodation, the Michelin-starred trattoria, while Joško's main 'day job' is making some of Europe's great vinegar.

A beautiful little relais hotel in the rolling vineyards of Collio Goriziano, La Subida comprises a dozen small houses, each individually designed and decorated. There is also a peaceful garden, a swimming pool and an excellent restaurant, serving local specialities (both Italian and Slovenian).

Cuisine at Hotel San Martin


Opened in 2013, Hotel San Martin has very quickly established itself as one of the finest establshments in Goriška Brda. A very good hotel and a fabulous wine cellar are fed, as it were, by a kitchen that celebrates all that is great between Slovenia and Italy.

Vinoteka Brda


At Vinoteka Brda you will sample some of the best wines from the region, guided through the unique grapes, techniques and types by a local expert.

Set deep within the Brda hills, the castle grounds provide wonderful views across the Slovenian and Italian vineyards.



Well established as one of Slovene Dream's favourite hotels since we opened, Belica also boasts an excellent restaurant specialising in local 'cross-border' dishes.

Most days you will notice many Italians flocking here for the yummy cuisine - oh, and watch out for the t-bone steak: it's huuuuge.



Our latest 'favourite' wine maker is Zanut, where you'll be introduced to some rather fine wines by the lovely Marcela and/or her husband Borut. You'll also get to see around the vineyards and the wine making facilities.

La Subida


The main restaurant is situated across the (country) road and has been central to La Subida's attractions since its inception. It gained a Michelin star a while back, and although the family are happy about it, they are not what you would call proud. "They can take it away - or give us another - if they want: we'll just carry on doing what we're doing". A laudable attitude for any restaurant. We can confirm, however, that they certainly do warrant at least one star - and that it is astonishing value for any number of them (including zero!).

What you get...

  • 7 nights in two of Slovene Dream's finest hotels
  • White water rafting
  • Zipline
  • Canyoning
  • Six tasting menus
  • Transfers for dining (where applicable)
  • Two wine tastings
  • Price per person (based on two sharing)

Euros: 1,439.00

GBP: 1,266.00

USD: 1,525.00

Prices are the best estimate, depending on availability, season, exchange rate and personal preferences.

Does not include flights or car hire.