Holidays in Slovenia

Splish Splash Nom Nom Bronze: The best of Slovenia on a budget

Seven days of discovery, adventure, gastronomy and breathtaking scenery will make you wonder why you've never been to Slovenia before.

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Soča ValleyYour first place to stay is the Hotel Hvala in the historic town of Kobarid, nestled beside the stunning turquoise of the Soča river.

Owned and run by the Hvala family, the hotel is right in the middle of this apparantly sleepy town. The rooms are pretty-yet-simple and provide a relaxing end to an adrenalin-filled day. The hotel also boasts one of the region's great restaurants, Topli Val, which is populated by lots of Italians at the weekends (who obviously know a thing or two about where to go for serious dining!).

As well as being in one of Europe's great activity centres, Kobarid is also home to an excellent museum that explains much about the madness of the Soča Front between the Austrian and Italian forces in the first world war. There are also some very good trails from which you can take in the enormity of it all... both the historic madness and the current serenity.

Kazaking on the Soča


Wetting your appetite...

  • River sports: kayaking, white water rafting, hydrospeed, canyoning... swimming
  • Fishing
  • Tandem paragliding and gliding above the mountains
  • Mountain biking and trail riding
  • Skiing
  • Caving and potholing
  • Hiking and trekking
  • Trail riding on Lipizzaner horses
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • All of this and more is available for kids too

We can book all of these for you before you go!



Following all that rushing around, you'll need to re-stock some calories. Luckily for you, as well as the restaurant at the Hvala, Kobarid boasts some other very good restaurants.

One block in one direction is the traditional gostilna called Breza (pictured). However, it's not traditional in the sense that you'll be stuffed full of animal fats and carbs, but the chef uses local ingredients and recipes to bring traditional dishes gracefully into the 21st century.

In another direction is Kotlar, a fish restaurant that vies with Topli Val for attracting Italians across the border to satiate themselves on cuisine of a piscine nature.

A little way outside town is the slightly more traditional gostilna called Jazbec ('Badger'), while about three kilometres away is the venerable Hiša Franko: simply one of the regions very, very best restaurants - and definitely worth whatever you can afford.



DolenjskaNestling amongst the rolling hills of Dolenjska, about a three hour drive from the Soča Valley, Šeruga (pron. Sherooga) is a wonderfull little idyll of rustic charm, welcoming their guests with gorgeous gastronomy, soothing slumbers and buzzy, hazy, lazy days.

You'll be immediately charmed on your first morning, stepping across the trout stream on your way to fresh-baked bread, home-made jams and all that would expect for the perfect breakfast.

Furthermore, Lili and her daughter Eva - as well as being lovely people - are great cooks, and the restaurant is frequented by as many Italians as you would have seen at Topli Val!



The charms of Dolenjska are not quite as frenetic as those of the Soča Valley, givan that they are secreted within gently rolling forested hills and slower-flowing rivers. Having said that, there is much to do, see and investigate.

One of our favourite art galleries anywhere is the Galerija Božidar Jakac, which is housed in a former monastery. The building itself (pictured) is pinkly beautiful and the grounds are scattered with one of Europe's largest displays of outdoor sculpture.

Within you will find some of Slovenia's finest modern art, including a large collection of sculptures by Janez Boljka, who sadly died in 2013.

Also nearby is Pleterje, a working Carthusian monastery, where the monks produce some fine brandies and schnapps, local cviček wines and in very special years, ice wines.

You could (and should) also 'take the waters', as you are in spa country. There are many local spas where you can indulge yourself in treatments, massages and general (w)ooziness. Our pick of the bunch is Balnea.

Of course, Dolenjska is also the land of castles, the finest of which is Otočec: a fairytale setting on an island in the middle of the lazy Krka river... where you might also indulge yourself in a little fine dining in their impressive restaurant.

If that's a little toppy for you, you should definitely head for one of the local eateries and get yourself outside a huge helping of one of the local delicacies, suckling pig.

Suckling pig

What you get...

  • 7 nights in family-owned hotels
  • White water rafting
  • Zipline
  • Canyoning
  • Three half board dinners
  • Price per person (based on two sharing)

Euros: 645.00

GBP: 568.00

USD: 684.00

Prices are the best estimate, depending on availability, season, exchange rate and personal preferences.

Does not include flights or car hire.