Holidays in Slovenia

Adrenalin Rush: Shaking the most out of Slovenia!

Go to the best bits of this astonishingly beautiful country... then ride over it, splash in it, eat some of it and thoroughly immerse yourself...

Use the buttons for a glimpse of your adrenalin rush through Western Slovenia...

Vila Park


Lake BohinjYour first accommodation will be an idyllic boutique hotel next to Lake Bohinj. Situated at the quiet end of the lake and beside fairytale little river, Vila Park has been one of our most popular hotels over the years. No doubt due, in part, to its perfect location for scenery and mountain activities... but we feel mostly due to its lovely owner, Jana Biščan.

Lake Bohinj cruise


For a relaxing introduction to Slovenia's scenery (and your holiday), take a cruiser across stunning Lake Bohinj. Unlike Lake Bled, the water here is constantly refreshed by the River Sava, and its placid, crystal clear waters will help you reflect on the legends you'll hear about the lake and its environs.



Now it's time to gain a little perspective on the lake, as you take the cable car up to the peak of Mount Vogel. At more than fifteen hundred metres, it affords excellent views of the entire valley.

Also from here you can investigate the Vogel Trail, take a chair lift up further to the wishing bell, visit a local cheese manufacturer or fill yourself with local 'delicacies' should you get peckish.

* If you know anything about alpine nosh, the word 'delicacy' should be viewed with a little trepidation: for 'peckish' read 'famished'.

Mrcina Ranch, Icelandic ponies


The Mrcina Ranch (pron. Mrtseena) is where you'll start on your first riding tour. If you've never ridden before, you'll get a couple of hours of instruction, followed by a couple of hours trail riding and taking in even more of the lush alpine landscape.

The horses are actually Icelandic ponies - very friendly animals that are easy to ride. They are adaptable to all weathers (close, shiny coats in the summer, 'teddy bear' coats in the winter), although during the hotter months they are rested in the middle of the day.

The Car Train


Having left Vila Park, you'll take the car train from Bohinjska Bistrica, through the mountains and finally to the town of Most na Soči.

I know we keep banging on about how you can travel for half an hour in Slovenia and find yourself in completely different terrain, but the car train goes one better: within forty minutes you will have travelled between the alpine ruggedness of the mighty Lake Bohinj, to the Italianate sparkle of the Soča Valley: almost a whole nuther country.

Even better, this is really excellent fun. You simply drive your car onto the train, turn the engine off and the handbrake on... and sit back in your car. Just outside Bohinj the train enters a huge tunnel, which seems to go on for ages... and it's totally dark. Spooky. Following which is the light at the end of the tunnel, and a slightly bouncy journey through some of Europe's best mountain scenery.

A short drive up the Soča Valley and you'll be transported to Slovenia's most magical hotel...

Pristava Lepena


Soča ValleyOur fondest memories from Slovenia are of Pristava Lepena: we were married there. This unique chalet hotel nestles snuggly in a fantasy clearing in the Julian Alps, on a pretty plateau just above the Soča River. Being in the Triglav National Park, every effort has been made to make the buildings blend in with the surroundings: the chalets are built in the Trenta style, while if you were to take a few steps away, you wouldn't know it was there. Surrounded by impressive limestone peaks, you certainly feel the special magic of the place.

The owners, Milan and Silvia Dolenc, are fine people and will do everything they can to make your stay happy, comfortable and memorable.


Kayaking on the Soča River


Anyway, enough of that idyll stuff: it's time to get wet and splash down the Soča in a kayak. And then do it again in a raft!

If you've never indulged in river sports before, don't worry: you'll get plenty of instruction for qualified, experienced instructors.

In fact, all levels of experience are catered for and your Soča experience will be tailored just for you.



Having whetted your horsey appetite in Bohinj, now's the time to clamber up on an altogether different horse, a Lipizzaner, for an hour's trail riding. These beautiful horses have always been central to Pristava Lepena's offer, the owner Milan being a long-time devotee of this unique breed.

For those of you who don't know, Lipizzaners originally came from Lipica in Slovenia (but sadly now the original ranch is a bit of a disappointment as far as we're concerned). If you want to see them perform, the Spanish Riding School in Vienna is the place... but if you want to get up close and personal, Pristava Lepena is perfect.

If you have no experience, there are extra facilities for lessons.

Also, if horse riding is really your thing, you can add a whole ten hours guided trail ride through the valley (150 euros supplement).



Take one of the greatest trips ever - on a Zipline over the mind-zapping scenery of the Učja canyon in the Soča Valley. There are six lines, between 250 and 400 metres long... and up to 150 metres above some of the most dazzling scenery in Europe.

Panoramic flight around Bovec


... and finally... it's up up and away and a panoramic flight over the world's most beautiful country. You'll be in a Cessna 172 for 50 minutes, taking in the views of the entire valley from Bovec, past the Boka waterfall, down to Kobarid and Tolmin and over to Lake Bohinj and past Mount Triglav.

A fitting end to a breathtaking holiday experience!

What you get...

  • 10 nights in two of our favourite hotels
  • Half board
  • Horse riding
  • Lake boat tour
  • White water rafting
  • Zipline
  • Kayaking
  • Panoramic flight
  • Price per person (based on two sharing)

Euros: 1,160.00

GBP: 1,021.00

USD: 1,230.00

Prices are the best estimate, depending on availability, season, exchange rate and personal preferences.

Does not include flights or car hire.